Monday, June 13, 2016

SportsOTHP Ep. 9: Nats, NBA Finals & More

Robbie at the Nats game Live

Ep.8 NHL & NBA Finals Begins


This weeks podcast (6/6):
The first 3 minutes starts with a rundown of all the topics included in the podcast.
:03.30 min Nats talk with Carroll
:30 min NBA Finals Talk with EJ
:45.45 min DC United Update with EJ
:54.35 min UFC Update with EJ
:58 min NCAA LAX Final with EJ
1h:04 Ethan goes to game 3 of the NHL Cup finals and tells his experience as a Sharks/Caps fan seeing an OT Win over Pitt.
1h:26.55 Redskins Update with Carroll
1h:45.20 Faceoff with Brenda Facemire
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Episode 7


The first 3 minutes starts with a rundown of all the topics included in the podcast.

:3.13 min

On this week’s show we start off with Nationals talk. We discuss last week's series with the NY Mets and the Miami Marlins and look ahead to the upcoming week vs the Mets and the Cardinals. We also take a look at how the entire NL east is doing as we are now a quarter of the way through the season.

:34.34 min

In our second half hour we talk DC United and NBA playoffs with DC Superfan EJ. We also get into what to watch for in this upcoming week including topics we don’t always talk about such as MMA and NCAA LAX which has a few area teams in the final 4.


In the 8 o'clock hour we talk Redskins going over Carroll’s thoughts on how the team is shaping up and any off season news.


Maurice Hawkins joins the Redskins talk

For the last half hour we continue the Redskins talk but also take a live look into the NBA and NHL playoff games and the Nationals Game that are going on tonight. We also talk about some of the other playoff series that are happening this week and recap games from over the past weekend.

Episode 6

:03.32 min Caps talk

:07 min Brenda Facemire joins us to talk Caps
** Learn more about Faceoff with Facemire here:
:41.40 min we talk Os for bit with Brenda

:48.52 min Nats Talk with Carroll

1h:05.15 Redskins Talk
Please read this week's article on Carroll's blog:

1h:14:55 HawkDiesel1906 joins in on Redskins Talk

1h:34:07 EJ Watkins Joins in to talk DC United big win!

1h:50:18 NHL Playoff Update Tampa vs Pit Intermission Report Blues vs Sharks recap @ 1h:51.30

1h:52:50 NBA Playoffs Update with EJ

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Episode 5

This week we had a great show with guest stars Chris and Tim. We talk Caps, Skins, Nats, Breaking Strasburg News, NBA Playoffs, NHL Playoffs, DC United and more. The following is the time codes for the show: :01.23 min Rundown of the show

:03.40 Caps talk

:35.50 Skins Draft talk with Chris

:54.02 Nats Update with a live look into the game vs the Tigers

1h:17:00 QotD and Sports Talk with Tim

1h:24:30 Breaking news about Strasburg

1h:42.15 NBA Playoff Talk with Tim

1h:49.00 NHL Playoff Talk with Chris

1h:51.38 DC United minute

1h:52.00 NHL Playoff Talk with Tim

Episode 4

:01 min Rundown of the show

:02.45 Draft talk with Carroll

:21.30 More Draft talk with Arun

:35.48 Nats Update

:50:00 DC United Update with Robbie

:55:20 Wizards update

1h:03 Caps update

1h:18:52 Zach QotD caller talks about caps & other NHL Playoffs

1h:29.30 NBA playoff updates

Episode 3

Rundown of Show @ 1 min

Caps Update @ 3 min

Redskins Draft Update & Josh Norman @ 20.40

QotD with Chris @ 33.45

Nats Update @ 42.55

DC United Update @ 1 h 25.17

QotD with David 1 h 33.22

Live look-in on Monday’s games

NHL & NBA Playoff Update 1h 39.37

Episode 2

Episode 1