Monday, July 17, 2017

SportsOTHP ep61: Nats Update, Dujunnea Bland NCAAF & NHRA Update, Boxing

7/17 URL:
5 min | Nats week in Review
30 min | NHRA & NCAAF Update with Dujunnea Bland
48 min | Redskins Update with Carroll and Dujunnea
63 min | Mystics Update
67 min | Paul Smith Boxing Talk
90 min | Lou's Take

Monday, July 10, 2017

SportsOTHP ep60: Nationals, MLB All-Star Game & HR Derby + NHL + NBA Free Agency

7/10 URL: 
5 min | Nats week in Review
10 min | Robbie recaps going to the comeback game on Friday
35 | NHL & NBA Offseason Moves + Caller Segment / Roundtable with ArunMichael Edgley and Donté Hobbs 
60 | Teddy Beats newest song - Lost Boy (feat. Sharon Desiree) [Ruth B. Cover] (
65 | Mystics
72 | Redskins with Bryan Carr (Hurt from #HurtsHouse)
105 min + OT | MLB All-Star Game / HR Derby talk with Arun, Louis (Lou) and Stephanie White + Valor & United Updates

Monday, July 3, 2017

SportsOTHP ep58 & 59: Nationals, Redskins Update with Dujunnea Bland + NCAAF + NHRA

Special Guest Co-Host Dujunnea Bland
(Sports Journey + RedskinsWire)
joins Carroll Porter III for the 58th Episode of SportsOTHP on Monday, June 26 @ 7pm
call in number: (347) 884-9299
The Rundown:
7pm Nats Talk
(Recap Last Week + Live Scoring Updates from the Home Game vs Cubs)
Other Topics:
NCAA Football
National Hot Rod Association
Valor + Mystics + United Updates

Happy 4th of July! If you missed last nights awesome show with Dujunnea Bland check it out here:
7/3 Ep 59 (s2 ep 14)
5 min | Nats Recap of Last Week (3-4)
and live game vs Mets (Carroll correctly predicts a pitching duel - Nats scored 2 in 8th and 1 in 9th and Mets scored 2 in 9th and it ended 3-2)
20 Min | Harper big game Recap + Nats All Star Talk
27 Min | Caps Offseason Talk
35 Min | Brian Brennan talks NHL Free Agency (from Upon Further Review with Brian Brennan)
39:30 Min | NYK NBA Talk
42:30 Min | Dujunnea talk NHRA at half way point of the Season
62 Min | NCAAF Talk (SEC & UMD)
1h 7 min | New Redskins Rookie Talk
1h 11 min | Cousins / Redskins Talk
1h 20 min 35 sec | Nats big Challenge / Update
1h 23 min | NBA Free Agency with Arun Bhattacharya
1h 30 min | Mystics Recap
1h 37 min | Paul Smith Boxing Talk
1h 43 min | Nats score 2 in bot 8
1h 52 min | Lou's NY Take (Louis Tenore)

Monday, June 19, 2017

SportsOTHP ep57: Nationals, Redskins Update with Diane + DC Divas + NBA Finals

5 min | Nats Talk
33 min | NBA Final + McGregor V Mayweather + NHL Expansion Draft
with Brian Brennan from Upon Further Review with Brian BrennanMichael EdgleyArun Bhattacharya and Louis Tenore
65 min | Redskins Offseason Talk with Diane Wev Chesebrough
90 min | DC Divas talk with Christiana Burton
1h 45 min | Valor, Mystics, and United News + Update on upcoming podcasts and recap of the TRU RADIO Network Party.

Monday, June 12, 2017

SportsOTHP ep56: Nationals, DC Divas, Valor & Mystics + NBA Final Game 5 Preview

6/12 URL: (s2.e11)
5 min Nats Talk and Arun goes to the Os vs Nats game and we talk about Buck's controversial comments (
30 min | NBA Finals Talk with Arun Bhattacharya and EJ WATKINS
64 min | DC Divas Talk with Running Back Christiana Burton 
80 min | Nats scoring Update + Washington Valor Update
88 min | Mystics on top of the East (We break down their last week)
1h 33 min | NBA Finals Game 5 round table with Louis TenoreMichael Edgley and Arun.

Monday, June 5, 2017

SportsOTHP ep55: Valor, Nationals, DC Divas, NBA Finals & Mystics Win Streak

If you missed it, listen here to Grant Paulsen (from Grant and Danny Show) joining Carroll and Robbie to talk Valor, Nats, and Redskins.
Link for full show at the bottom of this description
Timecodes for clip on top of the page:
Start with Carroll talking about going to his first Valor Game
1 min 30 sec | Grant Talks Valor with us and explains what it is like to work with Redskins great Santana Moss
9 min | Grant breaks down the Nats season so far
19 min | Redskins offseason talk
28 min | Carroll, Robbie and Mike talk about this past weekends Valor game that they went to
6/4 URL:
6 min | Grant from Grant and Danny Show & Washington #Valor#Nationals & #Redskins Talk
30 min | Washington Nationals and Valor Updates
64 min | Washington Mystics
75 min | D.C. Divas Football talk with Christiana Burton
90 min + OT | NBA Finals roundtable with Lou​, Arun​, Who Dat Mike​, and Dan (Sith Lord)​ (also at very end we give DC United scoring update)

Here are some more clips from the Valor Game:

Monday, May 29, 2017

SportsOTHP ep54: Nationals Update + NBA & NHL Finals Previews

5/29 URL: (ep 54 s2e9)
‪5 min | Nats crazy game vs SF with Harper in a fight (see video below)
15 min | Nats week in review
30 min | NBA & NHL Finals Preview‬
66 min | DC Divas talk with Christiana Burton
1 h 40 min | Valor Talk
1 h 50 min | NCAA LAX + DC United‬

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

SportsOTHP ep53 & 52: Nats Update, Open Line - DC Sports Woes, DC Divas and UFC

SportsOTHP ep53: 5/22 URL: (ep 53 / s2 e8)
Nats Update, Open Line - DC Sports Woes, DC Divas and UFC

Intro and Tru Radio network Update
15 min Nationals Update
30 min Open Line Monday (Wiz, Caps & NBA Playoffs)
65 min DC Divas Talk with Christiana Burton (see game recap and highlights in comments below)
77 min Washington Valor Talk
90 min NBA Playoffs + UFC 211 Recap with EJ WATKINS
2h | OT UFC + Big Fight News out of MGM outside D.C. + Local NCAA LAX news + Os, GSW and Nashville Predators scoring updates (from their series winning games) and DC United update.

SportsOTHP ep52: 5/15 URL: (ep 52 / s2 e7)
Wizards Force Game 7 (Pregame Show) + Nats vs Os + Valor 
(Robbie was at EJ's wedding during this ep)

Monday, May 8, 2017

SportsOTHP ep51: Caps & Wiz Playoffs 2nd Rd Update + Nats Update

We are live now at an early time to preview game 6 for the Caps!
5/8 Ep 51 (e2.e6) #(347) 884-9299
6pm Nats
6:30 D.C. Divas Football 
6:40 Wizards
7 Caps

Monday, May 1, 2017

SportsOTHP ep50: Caps + Wiz Playoffs 2nd Rd + Nats, Redskins Draft,Divas & Valor

5/1 Ep 50 (s2.e5)
Read Carroll's latest article on the draft:
4 min Nats
22.37 min Redskins Draft
38.46 min Wizards Playoffs
47.25 min DC Divas
1h Caps game 3 preview + Sports talk with Dan and Lou
LAST 3 minutes: DC United, Washington Valor

Monday, April 24, 2017

SportsOTHP ep49: Caps Playoffs + Wiz @ Hawks gm4 Live + Valor + Nats + DC Divas

4/24 Ep 49 (s2.e4):
30 sec | Intro
4 min | Caps win series 4-2 
30 min 13 s | Nats sweep week and win 7 in a row with Carroll Porter III
42 min | Wizards game 2 and 3 recap and preview game 4 with Michael Edgley and Arun Bhattacharya
64 - 74 min | Robbie Gross goes to his first Valor Game
Photos from Valor game:
74 min | Redskins Schedule Talk pt 1
1h 16:30 | NHL talk with Louis Tenore
1h 27:45 | DC Divas Talk with Christiana Burton
1h 47:25 | NHL talk with Brian Brennan from Upon Further Review with Brian Brennan
OT Topics (2h) | Redskins Schedule and draft needs, DC United, NHL, preview episode 50 and more.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

First ever Valor Game Notes and Photos

Robbie and Liz enjoyed their first Valor game even if it ended in disappointment. In the previous post we showed all the videos from the game but if you want to see the photos you should click here:

Click here to see Robbie and Liz (SportsOTHP Photographer and Production Assistant) Photo Album 

Robbie will be talking with Carroll about the entire experience of going to the Valor on Monday at 8 here. Or in the player below. We will talk Caps playoffs, Nats last week recap, Wizards Playoff update and prep for game 4 which we will also cover live at 8.
I also wanted to share an exchange we were having with valor fans in my favorite Valor facebook group. It gives some of my feelings on how the night was going. It went great in the first half (where we scored 31) and then we had some turnovers and problems scoring in the second (where we went scoreless). The worst turnover was right across from where we were standing. Watch the highlights including that TD that turned in to a turnover and what the coach had to say about it here.

Robbie Gross We had a good catch but fumbled. Ruled down by contact but being reviewed by soul and I think they will get the ball.
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Robbie Gross They got the ball made a great catch and we forced a fumble to get it back on the 15
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All value
Automatically Translated
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Robbie Gross What a TD by the Joystick! Valor up 21-7
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Robbie Gross And now soul scored 21-14 Valor...
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Robbie Gross Fg after being stalled puts us up 24-14
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Robbie Gross Damn soul score 24-21 Valor now but getting too close
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Robbie Gross Going live in about 5/10 min from Sports on the Hill Podcast 6:50 left in the first half.
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Patrick Roach What's the score now ?
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Robbie Gross 31-28 just started second half
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Robbie Gross Sorry was live so didn't update.
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Robbie Gross Soul just scored a TD with 8 min left in 3rd. Soul lead now 35-31...
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Robbie Gross On 4th and 8 huge play down field goes from our 8 to their 11. Go Valor!
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Robbie Gross PI on soul first down @ soul 8 for valor
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Robbie Gross Now they hit our Qb so first on 4
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Robbie Gross And now false start so 9... lots of flags
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Robbie Gross Pick in end zone 😭
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Robbie Gross Huge 4th down upcoming let's see some Valor D
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Robbie Gross We were offsides so they get a second try 4th and 5 on Valor 16
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Robbie Gross They got a first down now on our 9
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Robbie Gross TD philly😭 42-31 now
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Patrick Roach Soul are a good team
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Robbie Gross They are the champions. So currently play is under review either a TD for us or a pick and it's close. Called a pick on field.
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Robbie Gross Damn it was a pick
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Patrick Roach They sure are my sharks lost to them .