Monday, December 18, 2017

SportsOTHP ep82: Redskins Victory Monday v Ari + Caps win streak + Wizards & OT

5min in Caps win 3 in a row after losing the game we were covering live last Monday. We recap all the games and preview a big week ahead for the Caps.

40 min in Wizards Round Table. We cover the Wizards 2-2 week and preview the upcoming games.

60 min pm Redskins beat Arizona and Carroll breaks down all the good and bad things that happened in that game.

120 min OT Week 16 Pick'em

Monday, December 11, 2017

SportsOTHP ep81: Caps Live v NYI + Round Table + Wizards + Redskins + OT & More

Caps Live vs NYI + Caps Round Table where we talk about the past week @ 7
Wizards last week recap @ 7:45 
Redskins frusterating loss to LA Chargers, and More @ 8
OT Week 15 Pick'em @ 9 

SportsOTHP ep80: Caps Live V Sharks + Round Table + Wiz Pregame + Skins + OT

Monday 12/4 @ 7pm
7:00 pm Caps Live vs Sharks
+ Recap Kings and CBJ Games
7:15 Power Play Point Podcast’s
  Gil and Anna join the Caps Talk
7:40 Preview Wiz Live vs Jazz @9
  Recap @Minn, @Phi, & vs Det

8:00 Redskins Talk   
           with Diane C. (@DiChesebrough)

9:00  OT Live
  Week 14 NFL Pick’em
  Live Caps vs Sharks
  Live .Wiz vs Jazz

Videos from Week that was 12/4 - 12/11

Hockey Highlights, Interview with Valor Coach, and Pre and Post game Redskins Videos:

Monday, November 27, 2017

SportsOTHP ep79: Redskins Victory Mon v NYG + Ovi/Caps on Fire + Wiz + OT Pickem

7:05 NCAAF with Dujunnea Bland 
7:20pm Red Hot Caps win 3 in a row + Ovi 5 goals in those games
7:40 Wall Hurt and Wizards mini slump
8pm Redskins beat NYG on Thanksgiving and Preview Dallas Week plus we talk about Sean Taylor 10 years later
9pm OT Pickem wk 13

Monday, November 20, 2017

SportsOTHP ep78: Caps Live v Flames + Wiz Live v Bucks + Redskins + OT Pickem

7pm Caps Live v Flames and recap the last week
7:30 We preview Wiz Live v Bucks (game starting at 8) and recap the last week
8pm Redskins talk (Loss vs Saints and preview Thanksgiving Game vs Giants)
9pm OT wk 12 Pick'em Roundtable 

Monday, November 13, 2017

SportsOTHP ep77: Caps Red Hot @ Home + Wiz Live v Kings + Redskins + OT Pickem

11/13/17 URL on TRU RADIO Network .
5 min  
Washington Capitals Talk
30 min  
Washington Wizards (Recap last week plus live game vs Kings)
with guests Arun BhattacharyaMichael Edgley and Tim Clarke 
58 min music break featuring a track from Deacon Brown’s album #reapingseasonvol1
63 min Washington Redskins and Dujunnea Bland joins us around 90 min to continue the conversation. Who Dat Mike gives the Saints point of view too.
2h OT Weekly Pickem segment
Host: Robbie Gross
Guests in Man Cave: Arun Michael Tim Clarke 
On the TRU RADIO Network Hotline: Louis Tenore Daniel Evans (Sith) Ken Washington (D.C.'s People's Champ - WCWMike Hoffman

Live Games Vlogs from last week:

FB Live:

Monday, November 6, 2017

SportsOTHP ep76: Redskins Victory Mon vs Sea + Caps Live v Ari + Wiz & Boxing

11/6 URL:
5 min pm Washington Capitals Live vs Arizona Coyotes (+ recap Caps 2-0 week) [FB live video 1 below - Lab]

20 min Gil Hannebohn joins the caps talk. 
-Wizards Update (Big win Last night vs Toronto Raptors) with Arun Bhattacharya and Michael Edgley [FB live video 2 below - Man Cave]
1 h Music Break with Teddy Beats with a brand new track

1h 5 min Washington Redskins big win over the Seattle Seahawks [FB live video 3 below - Lab]
95 min Boxing Update with Paul Smith 
[FB live video 4 below - Lab]

2h: OT Live with Robbie Gross and Arun Bhattacharya live in the man cave. With Daniel EvansPaul Smith Mike Hoffman and Ken Washington (D.C.'s People's Champ - WCW) on the TRU RADIO Network hotline [FB live video 5 below - Man Cave]
Week 10 Pick'em
NFL surprises from week 9
Caps win in OT
World Series 

#CPIII recap of the Skins game: for all the videos from previous shows and more, and Carroll Porter III's latest blog articles.
#SportsOTHP #DCSportsWithoutThePolitics

Monday, October 30, 2017

SportsOTHP ep75: Caps & Wizards Talk + Redskins, Boxing & OT NFL Pick'em wk 9

‪10/30 URL:‬
‪5 min Caps Talk (20 min Michael Lindenbaum joins from The Xperience: Hockey Talk)
34 min Wizards Talk (with Arun and Who Dat Mike)
1h 5 min Skins Talk with Diane Wev Chesebrough followed by Boxing Talk with Paul Smith
2h OT NFL Pick'em wk 8‬
"Live in the Man Cave as we do our OT Pickem Special for Episode 75 ( with Robbie Gross and Arun Bhattacharya and special guests on the TRU RADIO Network Hotline: Louis TenoreDaniel EvansKen Washington Paul Smith and Mystery guest Bryan Carr (Hurt who's pick'em we are playing in) We not only break down this weeks NFL games but also chat about the Redskins, World Series, Manager Pickup by the Nats, and much much more."

Check out the FB live for the 5 segments below: Caps, Wizards, Redskins, Boxing and OT Pick'em special

Monday, October 23, 2017

SportsOTHP ep74: Capitals Talk + Wizards Hot Start + Redskins MNF Pregame

FB Live PreShow with Carroll live:

This is a MNF Pregame Special but first we start off talking Caps @5 min and Wizards hot start (FB Live video 1 below) at 7:20 then Redskins Pregame Special just after 7:40 up until game time in Philly just after 8:30. (FB Live Video 2 below) (also halftime and postgame show fb live are below)

FB Live Video 1 (Caps and Wiz in the Man Cave with Robbie, Who Dat Mike, and Arun)

FB Live Video 2 (Carroll live in the Lab)

FB Live Video 3 (Carroll live in the Lab at Halftime)
FB Live Video 4 (Carroll live in the Lab Postgame)

Monday, October 16, 2017

SportsOTHP ep73: Victory Monday vs 49ers + Nats, Caps & Wizards Updates + More

5 min: We recap the last week for the Nationals
33.38 min: Caps have an up and down week with Robbie, Carroll Porter III and Bernie Diehl [FB Live Lab Cam - Video 1 Below] 
64 min: Music Segment Deacon Brown "Bare Witness"
69 min: Redskins Victory Monday vs 49ers FB Live Lab Cam - Video 2 Below] 
109 min: Wizards Preseason update and look ahead to the season
1h 58min: Music Segment Deacon Brown "Foundation"
2h 4min Week 7 OT Pickem Live hosted by Robbie Gross
with Arun BhattacharyaLouis TenoreDaniel Evans & Brian Brennan
[FB Live Man Cave Host Cam - Video 3 Below] 

FB Live Video 1 [Lab]:

FB Live Video 2 [Lab]:

FB Live Video 3 [Man Cave]:  

Monday, October 9, 2017

SportsOTHP ep 72: Nats Post Game Live + Caps Hot Start + Live Caps/Nats Games

3 min 30sec pm Nats Postseason Update (Recap game 1&2 and live updates from the end of game 3 and a post game wrap up) [Carroll's Lab FB live video 1 below]

32 min Caps Red Hot Start (Ovi records 2 hat tricks to start the season, something that has not been done to start a season in 100 years. Has the caps off to a hot 2-0 start. Also we talk Caps Live vs TB breakdown and scoring updates) [Carroll's Lab FB live video 2 below]

64 min Music Segment Deacon Brown "Foundation"

69min Redskins at the 1/4 Mark (We recap the Redskins after their first 4 games and look ahead to the 49ers game) [Carroll's Lab FB live video 3 below]

1h 59: Music Segment Deacon Brown "Bare Witness"

2h 4 min 45 sec Caps Live & Week 6 NFL Pickem in OT with Robbie Gross, Tim ClarkeArun BhattacharyaBrian BrennanKen Washington (D.C.'s People's Champ - WCW)
[FB live video 4 below with Robbie, Tim, Arun and Brian in the Man Cave]

Monday, October 2, 2017

SportsOTHP ep71: Nats Playoff Preview + Redskins MNF Pregame

5 min | Nats Postseason Preview
23 min |  Caps Preseason Talk and preview the first games of the Regular Season
31 min | NCAAF Week in Review
39 min | Redskins Pregame Live vs KC

Monday, September 25, 2017

SportsOTHP ep70: Victory Monday vs Oak + Nats Clinch 2nd in NL + Caps and more

9/26 URL:
Hour 1: Nats Clinch 2nd in NL (Home Field)
           Caps Preseason Update
Music Break: Deacon Brown "Up High"
Hour 2 (starting at 65 min): 
Redskins 2nd Victory Monday (win 27-10 over Oakland) in a row
90 min in Paul Smith joins the Redskins talk and then breaks down the big boxing match of the week
OT (2h mark) Week 3 Redskins OT with 
with Maurice Hawkins NFL Picks with Arun Bhattacharya and Daniel Evans (Sith Lord)  Brian Brennan from Upon Further Review with Brian Brennan and Louis Tenore(FB Live below)
We also end the show after this last FB Live video with recapping big moments from week 3, Yankees Thumbs Down and the kneeling controversy with Brian and Lou. 

Monday, September 18, 2017

SportsOTHP ep69: Redskins Victory Monday vs Rams + Nats + Mystics, Boxing & More

4 min We are live with Nats talk with Carroll Porter III (FB Live below)
32 min Mystics Playoff Talk  
40 min NCAAF talk with Robbie Gross and Dujunnea Bland.
55 min Music break and interview with 
Deacon Brown "Up High"
65 min Redskins talk with Dujunnea 
(FB Live below)
85 min Paul Smith joins the Redskins talk and then breaks down the big boxing match of the week
OT 2h Week 3 NFL Picks with 
Tim Arun Bhattacharya and Daniel Evans (Sith Lord) (FB Live below)
We also end the show after this last FB Live video with recapping big moments from week 2 with Arun and Sith til the clock runs out in OT at almost 3 hours.