Monday, December 19, 2016

SportsOTHP ep33: Redskins MNF Pregame (vs Carolina) + Caps News + Wiz News (347) 884-9299
6:30 | Caps
6:45 | Wizards
7:00 | NFL Picks
7:15-Kickoff | Redskins Pregame Live

In the first half hour (special early 6:30pm est start) of the show we will break down the Capitals week where they went 2-1. They won the first two games of the week on the road vs the New York Islanders and Carolina. They then dropped the second half of the back to back on Saturday to Montreal. The caps had won 6 games in a row up til that point. We will also talk about how red hot the Metro is and take a look at the week ahead for the caps. They will play at Philly on Wednesday (Rivalry Night on NBCSN) and at home vs Tampa Bay on Friday. We will break down both of those games too.

At the end of our first half hour we will get into some Wizards news where they matched last weeks great 3-1 record. They lost the first game of the week vs the Heat, a game we covered live on last weeks show. The Wizards then won the next 3 games all at home starting with beating division leading Charlotte. They then followed that up with victories over Detroit on Friday and the LA Clippers on Sunday (where Beal went for 41). We will preview Mondays matchup in Indiana and give updates on the score throughout the rest of the podcast. The Wizards will have a tough week having to goto Chicago and Milwaukee on Wednesday and Friday. After that we hope to have some time for week 16 picks to finish out the action packed first 45 minutes.

After that it is all Redskins. We will run you right up to gametime and take your calls with predictions on how this pivotal night will go against Carolina. If we have time we might get into previewing their matchup vs the Bears, as they will have to play them on a short week. We will end the show at kickoff so you wont miss a moment of the game. We hope you tune into this special pregame show!

Monday, December 12, 2016

SportsOTHP ep32: Victory Monday (Caps & Redskins) + Wiz Live vs Heat + Nats News
(347) 884-9299

Listen to us live! 
Caps talk @ 3 min
FB live @ 15 min
Nats talk @ 28.45
Wiz talk with who dat Mike @ 34.30
Redskins talk with Hurt (Hurts House on Tru Radio Network), Mike Hoffman (DMV sports), and Hawk ( @ 1h 1min 30 sec
NFL Picks with Arun @ 1h 49min 45 sec
In the first 30 minutes of the show we will talk about the Capitals who won all 4 games last week. We will talk about the two wins over Buffalo that bookend this perfect week. We will also talk about the 2 other home games against Boston where we blew a 3 goal lead only to win it in OT. To end the segment we will talk about the 3-0 shutout of Vancouver Sunday evening. We will also preview this weeks games at the Islanders and Carolina on Tuesday and Friday. We will also talk about the back to back game to end the week on Saturday (in DC) vs Montreal.
In the second half an hour we will talk about all the latest Nationals News coming out of their offseason. There have been a lot of moves and Carroll will break them all down. We will also be covering the live Wizards game vs the Heat that starts at 7:30pm. We will also talk about the best week of the season for the Wizards where then went 3-1. They had wins at Brooklyn and over Denver and Milwaukee. There was also the one loss to Orlando that was a second half of a back to back on Tuesday, that started this home stand. We will preview the Miami game that we will be watching live and talk about the upcoming games vs Charlotte, Detroit and the LA Clippers.
In hour two we will talk about the Redskins huge victory over the Eagles keeping their season alive. We will be taking calls on your reaction to the big 27-22 win and have Part 1 of our preview of the Carolina game. Part 2 will be next week as do a Redskins Pregame Show Live at a special time. Stay tuned for more information on times of next weeks podcast at We will also be going facebook live there throughout the night if you want to see a behind-the-scenes look. To end the show we will have our weekly picks for Week 15.
Hope you can tune in!

Monday, December 5, 2016

SportsOTHP ep31: Caps Live vs Buf, Wizards live vs Nets, and Redskins Update

We are live on TRU RADIO Network
Caps game vs Buf and Wiz game vs Nets

Origional Post: Hour 2 on FB Live and on TRU RADIO Network
We talk Washington Redskins!
We will also give Washington Wizards updates and Washington Capitalsupdates during the second quarter and second period of those games.
Update: The second hour was so much fun. We talked Washington Redskins and gave updates on the Washington Capitals as they were able to tie the game and then went down 2-1 again. But we were able to tie the game late and win it in OT (after the show as over). We also gave updates on the Brooklyn Nets v. Washington Wizards game. It was great to have so many people in the Man Cave (Carroll, Arun and Michael Edgley (Who Dat Mike)). And on the phone by Daniel William Evans Jr. (Dan the Man; the sith lord) and by Maurice Hawkins (Hawk Diesel). I hope you like our take on the Redskins and we also hope they can do better next week vs the Eagles. Thank you for tuning in.

If you want to listen to the whole podcast:
URL 12/5:
First 30 minutes | Washington Capitals​ live vs Buffalo Sabres
Second 30 minutes | Washington Wizards​ live vs Brooklyn Nets
Hour 2 | Washington Redskins​, Week 13 Recap and Week 14 Preview & Picks