Monday, November 28, 2016

SportsOTHP ep30: Caps Update, Wizards live vs Kings, and Redskins Update

11/28 URL:
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5 min in  Caps Update
35 min in Wiz live vs Kings (with updates in the first 30 min and in the last hour too)
1 hour in Redskins and NFL Update (both week 12 review and week 13 preview) 
Full Rundown:
In our first half hour we will talk about the three games for the Capitals last week where they went 2-1. They were able to win the two home games before falling in their back to back game in Toronto this Saturday. We hope to have a first hand account of the hat trick game (against the Blues last Wednesday) from one of our long time contributors. We will also discuss Gruby's big win on his Birthday against Buffalo. We will also preview the 2 games this week against the Islanders and Lightning.
In the second half hour we will do some live play by play of the Wizards game vs the Kings. We will also recap the last week for the Wizards where they got a win vs the Orlando Magic and lost to one of the best teams in the NBA the San Antonio Spurs. To end the hour we will preview this weeks games against OKC and the rematch in San Antonio with the Spurs.
In hour 2 we will discuss the Redskins disappointing loss to Dallas. We will break down the entire game and try to figure out what it means for the rest of the season. We will also preview the upcoming pivotal matchup at Arizona next Sunday. We will also talk about other news coming out of week 12 in the NFL and preview week 13.
Throughout the show we will take your calls on any of these topics. Thank you for tuning in!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

SportsOTHP ep29: Redskins Victory Monday (SNF over GB) Caps Update and Wiz Live

Such a fun show tonight. (Over 2 and a half hours of non stop sports ... click to play Episode 29:
On the show tonight we talk caps for 40 then talk about the Wizards AFL and MLS to round out the hour. Throughout the first hour we also give live updates on the Wizards game vs the Suns.  In hour two we talk about the huge SNF victory for the Redskins followed by Arun's Picks. We break in with updates about the MNF game and do a simulcast of our first Wizards victory on the show in the last 30 minutes of the podcast (overtime).

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

SportsOTHP ep28: Redskins Huge Win, Caps & Wizards Down Up then Down Again Week

11/14 Podcast:
4 min | Robbie @ Washington Capitals vs Sharks
7 min | Zach Jachowicz at the Blackhawks game
39 min | Washington Wizards talk with Michael Edgley
1 h 3 min | Washington Redskins Victory Monday with Bryan Carr 
(Hurt from Hurts House - Wednesdays on TRU RADIO Network )
1h 21 min | Maurice Hawkins (The Hawk Diesel Washington RedskinsUpdate)
1h 47 min + OT | Arun Bhattacharya Pickem (Week 11 Picks)
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We have a very exciting show for week 28 of Sports on the Hill Podcast. We will start with breaking down the Caps week in the first 30 minutes. We will talk about being at the disappointing Caps loss on Election night. It was Robbie's first game of the season and he will break the game against the Sharks all down with Carroll. We will then talk about the exciting victory in Chicago on Friday. Unfortunately they didn't play as well on Saturday when they lost the second half the back to back in Carolina.
In our second half hour we will discuss the up and down week for the Wizards. When we last left you in OT in Episode 27 the Wizards had lost a close game against the Rockets. They would then go on to win a game against the Celtics by a wide margin later that week. Unfortunately to end the week they played back to back games against Cleveland and in Chicago in which they lost both. We will break down all those games and then preview the week ahead for the Wizards. They will play a bunch of teams who have also underperformed in the first few weeks of the season.
In the second hour we will break down the important and very exciting win for the Redskins. It ended up being a closer game then many Redskin's fans would have wanted but they still brought home the W against a very good Vikings team who has played very badly the last few weeks. We will also preview the next Redskins game vs the Green Bay Packers next Sunday night. To end the night we will make some predictions for next week and take a look at how last week's NFL predictions paned out. We will also take live look-ins at the MNF game between the Giants and Cinn as it is very close in the NFC east standings. Thank you for tuning in!

Monday, November 7, 2016

SportsOTHP ep27: Caps Update, Wiz Live vs Rockets, Redskins Bye Week, WS Game 7

11/7 URL: | Live on TRU RADIO Network
5 min | Washington Capitals
33 min | World Series
43 min | Washington Wizards Live vs Rockets
1h | Washington Redskins
1h 42 min | MNF + NFL week 9 Recap and Week 10 Picks
2h | OT - Final week 10 picks by Arun and end of the close Wizards game
Call in - (347) 884-9299
This week on Sports on the Hill Podcast we will talk about the Capitals, Wizards, World Series, Redskins at the half way mark of their season (they had a bye week this week), and the NFL week 10 match-ups.
The first 30 minutes we will break down the three big wins for the Capitals as they have now won five games in a row. We will also preview the exciting election night matchup with the Sharks that Robbie will be going to tomorrow (Tuesday 11/8). After that we will discuss the rest of the upcoming week for the Capitals. In the second 30 minutes we will have some in-studio (Man Cave) guests to talk about the exciting World Series ending and recap the Wizards previous week. Also during that half hour we will be getting live updates on the Wizards game vs the Rockets. At the end of the first hour we will preview the upcoming week for the Wizards.
In the second hour we will recap the first half of the season for the Redskins and we will also cover the news coming out of the bye week. After that we will preview the second half of the season for the Redskins. We also hope to get listeners opinions on how they are performing at the half way mark and thoughts on the the rest of the Redskins season. In the last half hour of our show we will recap the previous week in the NFL and get some of our guests take on the upcoming week 10 match-ups. We will also continue to update our listeners on how the Wizards game is going and also cover any news coming out of the first quarter of the MNF game between the Bills and the Seahawks. Like aways we will take your calls on any of these topics or any other DC sports topic you would like to talk about. Thank you for tuning in.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

SportsOTHP ep26: Redskins Tie in London, Caps in Canada, United & Wiz Lose + WS

10/31 URL:
First 4 minutes | Rundown
4 min in | Washington Capitals
31 min | D.C. United & World Series
43 min 45 sec | Washington Wizards
1h | Washington Redskins
1h:35min 45 sec | Arun's Week 9 Picks
# (347) 884-9299
We have another busy show this week. Our Halloween Episode will have a ton of different topics. In our first half hour we will talk about the Capitals road trip in Canada. We will update our listeners with how they played against Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary. We will also preview this weeks games including a home and home series with the Jets on Tuesday and Thursday and a home game vs the Florida Panthers next Saturday.
In our second half hour we will talk about the DC United first round playoff exit and the big World Series win for the Cubs last night to avoid elimination (series is now Cle 3-2). We will also talk about the rough start to the season for the Washington Wizards. They fell last night in OT and have been out scored at the end of the last 2 games. In Atlanta it was a bad 4th quarter (33-19) that doomed them and in Memphis they were outscored in OT 12-3. We will break down both games and preview this weeks home games vs Toronto on Wednesday and rematch vs Atlanta on Friday. They will then have a quick road trip to Orlando on Saturday before the home game a week from Monday against Houston, that we will be covering live next week.
Our second hour we will discuss the Redskins first game in London. The first ever OT game in London remarkably ended in a tie. There was a lot of missed opportunities in this game including missed field goals by both teams and even a missed extra point for Cinn. We will break down what this means going into the bye week. We will also take a look at how the other teams are doing in the NFL and preview the week 9 match-ups. We will take your call on all these topics and more. Thank you for tuning in.