Monday, January 30, 2017

SportsOTHP ep38: Caps Update + Wiz Perfect Week + NHL All Star Game

1/30 URL:
3 min 45 sec -50 | DC vs NYC Sports with Steve Chris from The Bleed Blue Show
50 | Washington Wizards with Arun and Michael Edgley
1h 14min NHL All-Star Game, Super Bowl Picks & Pro Bowl News
1h 30 | Washington Capitals Update (Preview and Recap with Carroll and Robbie)
1h 50 | Australian Open Finals, preview the upcoming week for the Caps and Wizards

This week we will start by talking about the Capitals and their 2-1 record last week. On our last show we broke down the first half of their 6-1 win over Carolina. The next night the Caps had to fly to Ottawa and played a rested Senators team. The Senators came out on fire and the Caps lost 3-0. They 2 days later took out their frustrations on the Devils in NJ and won that game 5-2. We will break down all of these games in the first 30 minutes. We will then talk about the NHL All Star Game and take calls on the Caps.
To end the first hour we will break down the red hot Wizards who had a perfect week. They have now scored over 100 points in their last 14 games. On last weeks show we were breaking down the big game where they won in Charlotte 109-99. They have now won 14 in a row at home too with their win over Boston the next night 112-86.  Then they played 2 more road games winning both in Atlanta 112-86 on Friday and in New Orleans on Sunday 107-94. We will break down all of these games and in the second hour preview both the Caps and Wizards upcoming schedule.
Also in the second hour we will break down any Redskins, Nationals or other DC Sports News. We will take your calls on any of these topics or the upcoming Super Bowl. We will also take your calls on the huge Australian Open Finals Matches (2 legendary matches happened), NFL Pro Bowl, or talk more about the amazing NHL All Star Weekend.  

Monday, January 23, 2017

SportsOTHP ep37: Caps Live vs Carolina (pts in 13) + Wiz Live @ Char + Redskins

1/23 URL:
4 min - 40 min | Washington Capitals
(20 min) Robbie V from Texas who was @ Sat Dallas V Caps Game joins us
(30 min) Caps score to tie the game 1-1 - Orlov's first of the game
(40 min) Justin Williams makes it 2-1
42 min - 1h | Washington Wizards with Mike and Arun
1h | Washington Redskins
1h 30min | 2017 NFL Playoffs Panel
Other Callers in the last hour: David & Lou

At 7, Caps take their 13 game point streak into a battle vs rival Carolina at the Verizon Center. Before puck drops we will also recap their previous week where they scored a lot of goals on the road. The first game of last week we broadcast on episode 36. We fell in the end 8-7 to Pit in OT, but not before a very exciting game and comeback by the Caps. We will also talk about how they took their frustrations out on the Blues a few days later on Thursday. This was the first of a 2 game series where the Caps played in front of their dad's or mentors. They then comeback in a game vs Dallas to complete the exciting trip on Saturday. We will also preview the game going on live vs Carolina and bring you any lineup changes, scoring updates, and even do some play by play.
We will then get into Wizards News. We will also talk about their 13 game home win streak. They were able to achieve this by getting a win vs Memphis on Wednesday (after also winning the Monday MLK game that we talked about in the last Podcast). They then went to MSG to get a rare road victory. Unfortunately Wiz fell in a heart breaking close game on Saturday in Detroit 112-113. We will recap all these games plus preview the Charlotte matchup, and bring you scoring updates from that game.
In the second hour we will bring you all the latest Redskins News. We are following the hiring of coaches very closely and will let you know all the latest offseason talk. We will also talk about the AFC and NFC championship games from this past week. We will take a look at how our picks during the entire playoffs have panned out with our 2017 NFL Panel. We will also look forward to the Super Bowl 51 matchup between NE and ATL that Arun and Robbie both predicted in podcast episode 34 would happen. We will also recap any news coming out of the Capitals and Wizards game that will still be going on. We will also take your calls during this hour on any of these topics.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

SportsOTHP ep36: Caps Win 9 in a Row & Live vs Pens + Wiz Win 12 in a Row @ Home

1/16 URL:
 2 min - 50 min | Washington Capitals 9 game win streak
Carroll Porter III and I talk about Ovi getting 1k (and the fun of going to that game and reporting live on Sports on the Hill Podcast for it) and Nick B getting 500 Assists. Christian Levesque joins us @ 7min 30seconds to talk about these great accomplishments and being at the 5-0 game on Sunday vs Philly. We also break in with live goals and talk about the crazy back and forth game vs the Pens that was happening live during the broadcast.
To end the segment we also bring in Daniel William Evans Jr. for a view of the pens game from the other side.
50 min - 1h:15 | Washington Wizards 12 game home win streak with Arun Bhattacharya and Michael Edgley
1h:15-30 | Washington Redskins News + Washington Nationals News
1h:30 | NFL Playoff Predictions + News with the playoff panel of Mike, Arun, Carroll and Robbie.
Hope you enjoy the show!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Ovi Gets 1000 Points and Robbie Reports Live

See Robbie go live from the pregame skate here:

Update: Robbie goes on Sports Junkies to talk about the big win

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

SportsOTHP ep35: Caps Live vs Canadiens, Wizards 9 Home Wins in a Row, BCS Champ

1/9 Url: 
0-15 minutes | Wiz win 9 in a row at home and update on their week
15 min - 62 min | Caps pregame, live updates, USA Wins World Jr Hockey 
62min - 2h 11min | Redskins, Week 1 - 2017 NFL Playoff Review, BCS Championship and Week 2 - 2017 NFL Playoff Preview

In the first 15 minutes we will break down the up and down week for the wizards. They started the week losing 2 games in Texas. The first game they fell apart in the second half vs Houston and then they continued the bad play in Dallas. But they were able to come back home on Friday and Robbie sat courtside for the game. He will talk about the exciting game and the 9th win in a row at home. They then went to the Bucks and won a close game there. They had a big comeback in the third quarter and held on for the victory in the fourth for their fourth road win of the season.

For the rest of the first hour we will break down the 5 game win streak for the Capitals and preview their game against the Montreal Canadiens at 7:30. We will then give live updates on that caps game for the rest of the hour. During breaks we will break down the big victory for Team USA in the World Jr. Championship. They had a huge Shootout victory over highly favored Canada as the game was also in Montreal. 

In the second hour we will break down some Redskins news from their offseason. This includes firing their entire defensive coaching staff. We will take your calls and reactions to this news during the top of the second hour. We will also preview the 2017 BCS Championship game and bring scoring updates of both that game and the Caps game to you live. We also will have a panel break down the 2017 NFL playoffs and give our predictions for next week to end the second hour.

See Robbie Report Pregame!

Wizards win 9 in a row! Highlights Here!

Monday, January 2, 2017

SportsOTHP ep34: Capitals and Wizards Win Streaks and Redskins Season Recap

1/2 URL:
First 45 min | Caps Update
45-60 | Wizards Update
1h | Redskins Season Recap
+ Wizards vs Rockets Live
1h:45 | 2017 NFL Playoff Preview
2h OT | Finish NFL preview, Rose Bowl Update, Wizards Update
On tonight's show we will be talking about the Capitals who find themselves on a two game win streak after losing 3 of the previous 4 games. All 3 of those loses were to Division Rivals including in Philly and to the NY Islanders and to New Jersey at home. The Caps rebounded from that loss and were able to return the favor and get a 2-1 shootout in New Jersey a few days later. They then won back to back games with the caps getting a 2-1 win over Ottawa last night. We will break all these games down and preview this week's continuing homestand vs Toronto on Tuesday and Columbus on Thursday. Before a quick road trip to Ottawa on Saturday and Montreal next Monday. After that we will break down the Wizards who are also on a win streak (3 in a row, won 4 of last 5 and 8 in a row at home) to end the first hour. We will also have live game updates of the Wizards vs the Rockets game during the second hour.
Also during the second hour we will break down the season for the Redskins. One where they had back to back winning seasons for the first time since the early 90s. Unfortunately they were unable to get a victory over the Giants this past Sunday to extend their season. The Redskins had plenty of opportunities this season and there were a bunch of winnable games. But in the end it was not enough to make the playoffs. We will discuss how the Redskins can improve for next year. To end the second hour we will preview this year’s NFL playoffs and pick the wild card playoff winners.