Monday, October 31, 2016

SportsOTHP ep26: Redskins Tie in London, Caps in Canada, United & Wiz Lose + WS

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First 4 minutes | Rundown
4 min in | Washington Capitals
31 min | D.C. United & World Series
43 min 45 sec | Washington Wizards
1h | Washington Redskins
1h:35min 45 sec | Arun's Week 9 Picks
# (347) 884-9299
We have another busy show this week. Our Halloween Episode will have a ton of different topics. In our first half hour we will talk about the Capitals road trip in Canada. We will update our listeners with how they played against Edmonton, Vancouver and Calgary. We will also preview this weeks games including a home and home series with the Jets on Tuesday and Thursday and a home game vs the Florida Panthers next Saturday.
In our second half hour we will talk about the DC United first round playoff exit and the big World Series win for the Cubs last night to avoid elimination (series is now Cle 3-2). We will also talk about the rough start to the season for the Washington Wizards. They fell last night in OT and have been out scored at the end of the last 2 games. In Atlanta it was a bad 4th quarter (33-19) that doomed them and in Memphis they were outscored in OT 12-3. We will break down both games and preview this weeks home games vs Toronto on Wednesday and rematch vs Atlanta on Friday. They will then have a quick road trip to Orlando on Saturday before the home game a week from Monday against Houston, that we will be covering live next week.
Our second hour we will discuss the Redskins first game in London. The first ever OT game in London remarkably ended in a tie. There was a lot of missed opportunities in this game including missed field goals by both teams and even a missed extra point for Cinn. We will break down what this means going into the bye week. We will also take a look at how the other teams are doing in the NFL and preview the week 9 match-ups. We will take your call on all these topics and more. Thank you for tuning in.

Monday, October 24, 2016

SportsOTHP ep25: Misery Monday (Redskins + Caps + United) & Wiz Season Preview

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Call in Number (347) 884-9299
7:00 est Washington Capitals​ News
7:45 D.C. United​ Playoff Preview
7:50 Washington Wizards​ Season Preview
8:00 Washington Redskins​ lose to Detroit Lions​ in a close game
Preview week 8 game vs Cincinnati Bengals​ (in London)

Sports on the Hill Podcast​ with Carroll​ & Robbie​
WebNGames​ (

Full description:
This week we will talk about the Washington Capitals wins vs the Avalanche and @ the Panthers. But we will also discuss the disappointing loss to the Rangers on Saturday night. We will also break down how the entire Metro division is doing. We will also preview the upcoming Canada road trip and break down each of the teams the Caps are facing. We welcome any calls on all these topics and your thoughts on the first two weeks for the caps at (347) 884-9299.

Also towards the end of the first hour we will discuss DC United’s big game from this past weekend. They were trying to win a game vs Orlando City to get the 4th seed in the MLS playoffs. We will break down the result and who they will be playing against in the opening round (single game play-in match this week on Thursday). We will also discuss the Wizards preseason action from last week. And before the hour is up preview the upcoming season for Wizards.

In our second hour we will break down the disappointing loss for the Redskins at the hands of the Lions. They did not play very well and had a lot of mistakes early in the game. They were able to come all the way back and take a lead. However Matthew Stafford for the 3rd time in his career lead the lions on a game winning drive vs the Redskins. We will break down that game in further and get Carrolls thoughts on what exactly went wrong at the end of that game.

We will also preview the upcoming game with the Cincinnati next Sunday @ 9:30 am eastern as it will be in London. We will also talk about other NFL news and even preview the MNF game between 2 4-2 teams. (Denver and Houston) If we have time we might also break down the World Series match up as its a battle between two teams who have not won it for over 68 years.  Thank you for tuning in. We will also take your calls on all these topics and more to end the show.

Monday, October 17, 2016

SportsOTHP ep24: Victory Monday (Redskins + Caps + United) Nats lose NLDS & Wiz

This week we will lead off talking about the return of the Caps. We will discuss the opening game of the season vs pit and the home opener vs the NYI. After that we will preview the upcoming week for the caps and talk about the new lines for this season. In our second half hour we will discuss the disapointing loses from last week that lead to the Nationals losing the NLDS series in 5 games. With 10 minutes remaining in the opening hour we will talk about the huge win for DC United catapulting them into this years MLS Playoffs. We will also discuss the Wizards preseason action from last week. We will also preview the upcoming games for both the Wizards and DC United. In our second hour we will break down the huge victory for the Redskins over their rival's from Philidephia. We will also preview the upcoming game with the Lions next Sunday. We will also take your calls on all these topics and more to end the show. Thank you for tuning in.

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Carroll's week 6 article (Victory Monday #4):
We talk Caps, Nats, DC United and Wizards in the first hour and recap the Redskins game in hour 2
Full time codes:
3 min in | Caps (with Mike & Zach)
44 min | Nats NLDS loss
52 min 20 sec | DC United playoff bound and Wiz preseason news
62 min | Redskins (with Hawk Diesel)

Monday, October 10, 2016

SportsOTHP ep23: Nats Playoff News, Redskins Win, Caps, Wiz & United Updates

NATS WIN! We call it live on Mondays show.
Please listen to it here:
We talk about the nats game from the start of the podcast til the end of the game.
We also talk about the huge Redskins win over the Ravens at the 1 hour mark.
Carroll Porter III​ article about the Redskins win:

Time codes for the epsode
1 min | Nats Live NLDS game 3 vs LA all show long
37 min | Caps News and notes
50 min | Live Wizards Preseason Update (with Michael Edgley​)
1h | Redskins win over Ravens
1h 21min | NATS WIN!!! (Cue the Zelda Music)
1h:25min | BlkGOP (Jason Terrell​) from #TruTalk
1h:33min | Hurt  (Bryan Carr​) from #hurtshouse
1 hr 45 min | United + Wiz + Os News

In this episode we will bring you all the latest news coming out of game 3 of the NLDS between the Nats and the Dodgers. We will also recap game 1 & 2 and preview the rest of the series (included game 4 on Tuesday). We will also recap the pre-season for the Caps and look forward to their regular season which starts on Thursday. We will also have breaking news coming out of the Wizards pre-season game tonight and talk about how their pre-season has gone so far. In our second hour we will be talking Redskins for the first 40 minutes. We will recap the huge win over the Ravens and preview the upcoming game against the Eagles. To end the show we will preview the big game next Sunday for DC United and talk about other sports news coming out of the area. Thank you for tuning in!

Monday, October 3, 2016

SportsOTHP ep22: Nats & Os Playoffs, Caps Update, Redskins & United Big Wins

10/3 URL:
3min-20: Os/Nats Playoffs
20 min | Caps Practice
31 min | Redskins
43:45 min | NFL News
53:45 min | #WHC2016
1h:00.30sec | OT with Mike (World Cup Hockey, Redskins, Saints)
1h 6 min | D.C. United talk with Mike