Tuesday, August 23, 2016

SportsOTHP ep 17 : Nats v Os, Redskins & Olympics Finale

8/22 URL: http://bit.ly/2c0hsnL
First 30 min | Nats vs Os & News
Second 30 min | Redskins vs NYJ Recap
Hour 2 | Olympics Finale & UFC 202 (at the 1h:51min mark)
Tonight we'll have Carroll give a recap of nationals week where they went 4-3 in road games against the Rockies and the Braves. He will break down both series and take a look at how the Nats are doing in the standings. We will also preview this weeks games against the Orioles and the Braves. All night long we will also be covering any breaking news coming out Washington Nationals game against the Orioles in the battle of the Beltways. In the second half hour we will recap the second Washington Redskins preseason game against Jets and preview the home game against the Bills this coming Friday. In our second hour we will be concluding our Olympic coverage and talk about a wide variety of sports. The plan is to talk Track, Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball and maybe a few more if we have time in the action packed hour. We will also recap some of our favorite moments from the Olympics during our coverage. Depending on time we might try to close out the show with some UFC news.

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