Monday, October 17, 2016

SportsOTHP ep24: Victory Monday (Redskins + Caps + United) Nats lose NLDS & Wiz

This week we will lead off talking about the return of the Caps. We will discuss the opening game of the season vs pit and the home opener vs the NYI. After that we will preview the upcoming week for the caps and talk about the new lines for this season. In our second half hour we will discuss the disapointing loses from last week that lead to the Nationals losing the NLDS series in 5 games. With 10 minutes remaining in the opening hour we will talk about the huge win for DC United catapulting them into this years MLS Playoffs. We will also discuss the Wizards preseason action from last week. We will also preview the upcoming games for both the Wizards and DC United. In our second hour we will break down the huge victory for the Redskins over their rival's from Philidephia. We will also preview the upcoming game with the Lions next Sunday. We will also take your calls on all these topics and more to end the show. Thank you for tuning in.

10/17 URL:
Carroll's week 6 article (Victory Monday #4):
We talk Caps, Nats, DC United and Wizards in the first hour and recap the Redskins game in hour 2
Full time codes:
3 min in | Caps (with Mike & Zach)
44 min | Nats NLDS loss
52 min 20 sec | DC United playoff bound and Wiz preseason news
62 min | Redskins (with Hawk Diesel)

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