Monday, December 5, 2016

SportsOTHP ep31: Caps Live vs Buf, Wizards live vs Nets, and Redskins Update

We are live on TRU RADIO Network
Caps game vs Buf and Wiz game vs Nets

Origional Post: Hour 2 on FB Live and on TRU RADIO Network
We talk Washington Redskins!
We will also give Washington Wizards updates and Washington Capitalsupdates during the second quarter and second period of those games.
Update: The second hour was so much fun. We talked Washington Redskins and gave updates on the Washington Capitals as they were able to tie the game and then went down 2-1 again. But we were able to tie the game late and win it in OT (after the show as over). We also gave updates on the Brooklyn Nets v. Washington Wizards game. It was great to have so many people in the Man Cave (Carroll, Arun and Michael Edgley (Who Dat Mike)). And on the phone by Daniel William Evans Jr. (Dan the Man; the sith lord) and by Maurice Hawkins (Hawk Diesel). I hope you like our take on the Redskins and we also hope they can do better next week vs the Eagles. Thank you for tuning in.

If you want to listen to the whole podcast:
URL 12/5:
First 30 minutes | Washington Capitals​ live vs Buffalo Sabres
Second 30 minutes | Washington Wizards​ live vs Brooklyn Nets
Hour 2 | Washington Redskins​, Week 13 Recap and Week 14 Preview & Picks

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