Sunday, September 11, 2016

SportsOTHP ep19: MNF Redskins Special

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The first thing we will get into is how the Nats have done the last 2 weeks since our last podcast. We are not going to go into as much depth as we usually do in our first hour since the MNF game between our beloved Redskins and the hated Pittsburgh Steelers will start shortly after. We will be breaking the game down as it happens and giving our thoughts play by play. During each commercial break of the football game we will do a game break topic. Our game break topics for the first quarter will be all baseball and football. We will continue our conversation about the Nationals and have live look-ins to tonight’s game with the Mets. We will also recap the very close wild card situation in the american league for the Baltimore Os. We will take a look at how they are faring against the division leading Red Sox who they currently trail by 2 games. We will also break down how other games went during the very busy first NFL Sunday of 2016. We will take it a step further in the second quarter by going Facebook Live during our MNF simulcast. We will continue to cover the Redskins, Nationals and Os games. During the commercial breaks we will also be previewing next Sunday's Cowboy’s game. We will also talk about how DC United has done the last 2 weeks and talk about the world cup of hockey. Robbie actually plans to goto an exhibition game for team USA Tuesday at the Verizon Center (with 2 Caps on the team) that he hopes to talk about if we have time. We are also planning on ending the show with a halftime special (also will be facebook Live) where we will recap our thoughts on the game so far and previewing next week's exciting show.

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