Monday, September 19, 2016

SportsOTHP ep20: Nats, Os, Redskins & WCH2016

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7 Nats News (+ Live Coverage of Game vs Miami)
7:30 Os News (+ Live Coverage of Game vs Red Sox)
7:45 DC United/Rus vs NA Preview 
8:05 Redskins 
8:40 #WCH2016 (+ Coverage of Rus vs NA)

Tonight we'll have Carroll give a recap of Nationals week where they went 3-3 against the Mets and the Braves. He will break down both series and take a look at how the Nats are doing in the standings. We will also preview this weeks games against the Marlins and Pirates. All night long we will also be covering any breaking news coming out Washington Nationals game against the Marlins.

In the second half hour we will talk about how the Orioles are doing in the American League as they battle for the AL wild card. We will recap their series with the Red Sox and Rays where they went 4-3. We will also give scoring updates all night as they play the Division Leading Red Sox, who the Os trail by 3 games. To end that first hour we will preview the Russia vs North America hockey game that will be starting at 8 and recap Friday’s DC United game.

In second hour we will break down the second half of last Monday’s Redskins game vs the Steelers. Carroll will also give us his thoughts on yesterday’s upsetting loss to the hated Cowboys. For our last half hour of our show we will talk about the World Cup of Hockey. Robbie will talk about the first International Hockey game that he had ever gone to (@ Verizon Center last Tuesday). He will also discuss Saturday’s disappointing loss for Team USA at the hands of Team Europe. We will also preview the must win game against Canada that will be on Tuesday. Robbie will also break down the entire tournament and explain who the Capitals players are playing for and how they are doing. We will be focusing on our Russian players as we give scoring updates on that game vs Team North America. We will also take your calls throughout the night on all these topics and more. Thank you for tuning in!

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