Tuesday, January 10, 2017

SportsOTHP ep35: Caps Live vs Canadiens, Wizards 9 Home Wins in a Row, BCS Champ

1/9 Url: bit.ly/SportsOTHP35 
0-15 minutes | Wiz win 9 in a row at home and update on their week
15 min - 62 min | Caps pregame, live updates, USA Wins World Jr Hockey 
62min - 2h 11min | Redskins, Week 1 - 2017 NFL Playoff Review, BCS Championship and Week 2 - 2017 NFL Playoff Preview

In the first 15 minutes we will break down the up and down week for the wizards. They started the week losing 2 games in Texas. The first game they fell apart in the second half vs Houston and then they continued the bad play in Dallas. But they were able to come back home on Friday and Robbie sat courtside for the game. He will talk about the exciting game and the 9th win in a row at home. They then went to the Bucks and won a close game there. They had a big comeback in the third quarter and held on for the victory in the fourth for their fourth road win of the season.

For the rest of the first hour we will break down the 5 game win streak for the Capitals and preview their game against the Montreal Canadiens at 7:30. We will then give live updates on that caps game for the rest of the hour. During breaks we will break down the big victory for Team USA in the World Jr. Championship. They had a huge Shootout victory over highly favored Canada as the game was also in Montreal. 

In the second hour we will break down some Redskins news from their offseason. This includes firing their entire defensive coaching staff. We will take your calls and reactions to this news during the top of the second hour. We will also preview the 2017 BCS Championship game and bring scoring updates of both that game and the Caps game to you live. We also will have a panel break down the 2017 NFL playoffs and give our predictions for next week to end the second hour.

See Robbie Report Pregame!

Wizards win 9 in a row! Highlights Here!

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