Tuesday, January 17, 2017

SportsOTHP ep36: Caps Win 9 in a Row & Live vs Pens + Wiz Win 12 in a Row @ Home

1/16 URL: bit.ly/SportsOTHP36
 2 min - 50 min | Washington Capitals 9 game win streak
Carroll Porter III and I talk about Ovi getting 1k (and the fun of going to that game and reporting live on Sports on the Hill Podcast for it) and Nick B getting 500 Assists. Christian Levesque joins us @ 7min 30seconds to talk about these great accomplishments and being at the 5-0 game on Sunday vs Philly. We also break in with live goals and talk about the crazy back and forth game vs the Pens that was happening live during the broadcast.
To end the segment we also bring in Daniel William Evans Jr. for a view of the pens game from the other side.
50 min - 1h:15 | Washington Wizards 12 game home win streak with Arun Bhattacharya and Michael Edgley
1h:15-30 | Washington Redskins News + Washington Nationals News
1h:30 | NFL Playoff Predictions + News with the playoff panel of Mike, Arun, Carroll and Robbie.
Hope you enjoy the show!

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