Monday, March 13, 2017

SportsOTHP ep44: Redskins Free Agency + Caps Slump and Wizards Surge

3/13 URL:
2 min Caps Update with Carroll
10 min Wizards Update with Arun
31 min Hurt (from #HurtsHouse) Joins the Show to Talk Redskins
1h 13 min 45 sec Arun and Wizards Update vs Minn
1:15 Leonard Floyd Kirby talks Redskins
1:40 Arun and Wizards Update vs Minn and Caps Road ahead
Produced by #Blkgop
Wizards have been on a hot streak winning 5 in a row while the Capitals have gone cold losing 4 games in a row. Carroll will break it all down with special guests throughout the night. Arun, #blkGOP, and Hurt (from #hurtshouse) are scheduled to appear. A lot of news coming out of Washington Redskins free agency and their GM was fired, which we will also talk about. We will also take your phone calls on all three of those teams and any other DC Sports news. You can call in at 347-884-9299 or stream it live with the link provided above. Would love to get your calls on any of these topics tonight. #DCSportsWithoutThePolitics

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