Thursday, March 2, 2017

SportsOTHP Vlog: Billy's First Caps Game

Last night we had an amazing night for one super fan of the Capitals Billy Lang. Billy is a graphic designer from Scotland and has been a capitals fan for 25 years. He has a fan group on Facebook (with over 400 fans) where he does edits of Capitals pictures and photoshops them into works of arts. He had never been to Washington or America but it was his dream to come and watch the Caps and meet all these Facebook friends he has made over the years. Wednesday was his Birthday and he flew over to D.C. He is staying with another caps fan named Robin for the next 3 weeks as he tries to goto the 5 caps games during this time. 

Yesterday will be a day he will never forget. The day started for him going to practice at Kettler and he was able to meet one of his idols Joe B. They had been talking on Twitter and Joe B had been referencing him in capital games for couple of years now ("Billy from Scotland is with us again tonight"). He also got new Cap Shattenkirks autograph and watched practice. He met Holtbeast after practice too. 

Then Robin and I took him to his first caps game last night. During the first period he got to meet Slapshot and Slapshot even tweeted out a photo of a picture of them Thank you to monumental and Chris L (another caps fan) for making that happen. During the first intermission he got to meet a lot of his fb friends in person for the first time. He was able to see his first goal in person thanks to Jacob Vrana and it was an amazing experience. 

And the night was not over when the final goal horn sounded and we got our franchise best 14th home win in a row. Wes Johnson invited us down into the penalty box (thanks again to Chris L) to meet him and take pictures and have a great conversation. It was everything that Billy had dreamed and more and it was an incredible 

Just a little back story about us. We do a caps (and other DC Sports) radio call in show every Monday from 7-9 and been a die hard caps fan for 20 years. The show is called Sports on the Hill Podcast and you can find it at or on twitter @sportsOTHP and we have a very simple website for archives

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